The Government builds a qualitatively new model of governance on the principles of corporate management, effectiveness, transparency, and accountability to the society relying on public sector reforms initiated by the Strategic Plan-2010.


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Dynamic decision-making process on topical issues of the country’s development demands a systematic knowledge, based on studying and generalizing positive experience of reforming the state systems of various countries. It also demands a presence of the objective information apropos economy, tax and budget policy, strategic planning and development of the human capital. Such approach allows reacting to the modern calls effectively with respect to conditions of a global competition.

In this regard, in September, 2007, at the initiative of the Government and National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan "National Analytical Center" (further – "Center"), called to serve as the supplier of operative analytical information and qualitative consulting services in various aspects of state policy have been created.

In December, 2010 the Center has acquired the status of the affiliated organization of the autonomous organization of education "Nazarbayev University".

Mission – an assistance in augmenting competitiveness of national economy by analytical support of activity of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and cooperation with the research centers of the autonomous organization of education "Nazarbayev University”.

Vision – the Center is a producer of new rational ideas for carrying out of qualitative changes in system of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Activity objectives:

1. To provide analytical, informative and advisory support to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the framework of forming and implementing state policy.

2. To actively cooperate with research centers of the Nazarbayev University within their research, educational, and innovative activities.

3. To strengthen cooperation with non-governmental organizations, business community and international agencies within the joint implementation of research projects and programs.

Main principle of the company’s activities:

Quality – ensuring high quality of implemented projects and programs, information and consulting services.
Consistency – aspiring to comprehensive approach based on ultimate use of accumulated knowledge and experience during project implementation.
Responsiveness – ensuring the first line analytical support to the government policy and programs.

The first line support of the Center to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan comprises following activities:

  • Preparing analytical and reference data;
  • Developing project proposals;
  • Delivering expert and methodology support;
  • Examining legal normative acts.

The Center concentrates on the following policy areas: