“Our task is to create an efficient and contemporary public administration and management structure that would be optimal for market economy; to form the Government that would be capable of realizing priority goals and building the state that is always guarding the national interests”


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Elaboration of the Draft Strategic Plan for Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan throughout the Year 2020


In 1997 the Head of State presented a long-term Strategy «Kazakhstan - 2030», defining seven key development directions that stimulated future government’s measures for country’s further development.

The Strategic Plan for Development of Kazakhstan until the Year 2010 is the first step in implementing the Strategy «Kazakhstan - 2030», which took into consideration predictable economic situation and market conditions in the ten year period of the country’s development.

The global economic crisis of 2008-2009 has influenced government’s measures on obtaining the national economy resistance to negative consequences of the world and regional economy losses.

The Strategic Plan for Development of Kazakhstan until the Year 2020 (hereinafter – “the Strategic Plan – 2020”) is the second follow-up step in implementing the Strategy “Kazakhstan – 2030”.


An approval of the Strategic Plan - 2020 by the Presidential Decree on February 1st, 2010 could be considered as project outcome.

The Strategic Plan - 2020 defines five key directions and strategic goals in achieving steady social and economic development of Kazakhstan, including measures for reforming public sector, due to the fact that the efficient public sector is a basic foundation for successful implementation of the key development directions.

The analysis of a current situation in the country, the forecast of medium - and long-term tendencies of social and economic, political and public-cultural aspects of country’s development have been conducted in order to select the strategic directions of a state policy.


1. Post-Crisis Development
  • Domestic and foreign investments in non-oil sectors of economy will be increased by not less than 30%.
  • The institutional base will be expanded and investment opportunities of the financial organizations will be increased.
  • Kazakhstan will score among the top of one third of the countries on the international rating «Transparency International».
2. Economy Diversification
  • The manufacturing industry’s share in gross national product structure will be not less than 13 %.
  • The share of innovative enterprises will be increased to 20 %.
  • Power consumption of gross national product will decrease by 25 %.
  • 80% of defense system’s needs will be supplied by domestic products.
  • Energy production from domestic resources and satisfaction of economy requirements will equate to 100%.
3. Investments into the Future
  • Full coverage of children by preschool education and training will be provided in cities and rural areas.
  • The effective system of technical education and vocational training, integrated into the world educational sector, will be created.
  • Quality of higher education will correspond to the best world standards and practices.
  • Life expectancy of the population will be increased to 72 years, maternal and infant mortality rate will be reduced twice, and an average mortality rate will be decreased to 30 %.
  • Outflow of highly qualified experts from Kazakhstan will fall to 20%.
4. Services for Citizens
  • The unemployment rate will not exceed 5%.
  • Adequate and socially fair level of pensions will be provided.
  • The saving pension system will reach 100 % coverage for hired workers and 40% coverage for the self-employed population.
  • The share of the population with income below a subsistence minimum will be decreased to 20 %.
  • Level of standard losses at transportation to thermal energy consumer will be made 17 %, waters - 15 % and the electric power - 12 %.
5. The International Consent, Safety and Stability of the International Rrelations
  • Favorable conditions for realization of the right to a freedom in choice of religion will be created.
  • Modernization of political system of the country will be conducted.
  • Defense system of the state will be provided.
  • The favorable international environment will be generated. 

The Main State Programs in the Framework of the Strategic Plan – 2020